Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things... For Summer!

Ahhhhh I have summer fever right now.

Not that I enjoy the ridiculously hot Phoenix summers - oh no. Those are terrible. But I do love the fact that if I felt inclined to do so, the weather here allows me to go out and lounge in my pool all day everyday for months on end. Pretty much all the way from the beginning of April until the end of November. And luckily I have a hot tub that I can get in during the "winter" months. If you can really call 70 degrees "winter".

I felt like sharing with you some of my favorite summer finds this season. The things I love (or would love to have) on a nice day of relaxing...

I discovered this FABULOUS tea just yesterday - and between myself and the Senior Citizen, we've polished off one full half gallon already and have made a huge dent in the 2nd. It is AMAZING!

Boo for limited editions... BUT there are many other variety of white teas that I enjoy.

Like this one...

It's fabulous hot or iced. White teas are my favorite. They are the least processed of the teas and contain less caffeine that a cup of decaf coffee. So - not really for those who are seeking a caffeine jolt - but pretty much great for everything else.

We have a local coffee and tea shop here that sales my favorite white tea of all time. A coconut white tea. It's amazing. If you are ever in Glendale, AZ I highly recommends a visit to the Coffee and Tea Express in downtown Glendale.

Next up... nail polish! I'm feeling rather teal and pinky this year... Which really isn't anything new...

Here's two on my "must have!" list for this summer!

Simply GORGEOUS! Both of you!

And lastly - we have this... 


I could have been floating around in a lounge chair with a floating table too? I would never have to leave the pool! Well - except to pee... Because peeing in pools is gross... Big time summer no-no at my house.   

Happy Summer my friends!

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