Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's time for another episode of.... I NEED IT!!!

I'm starting to contemplate my summer clothing purchases. Having a job that requires a uniform is allowing me to me to clean out my closets (yes, I said closetS) and only keep the clothes that I REALLY like. I can get rid of the everyday crap I used to wear to my old job, have a rack of scrubs for work, then fill the remainder of my closet with dresses. I'm a dress girl and I have far too few right now. So I shall remedy that.

Wearing scrubs to work FOR THE WIN!!!

I'd like to start with this one:

It's bright, unique and flattering. It can be casual or dressy. I like versatility. Paired with some super cute wedges like these, I'd be all set:

I absolutely LOVE this simplicity of this little Ralph Lauren number. It would be great for weekend relaxing or beach trips! Plus I'm a huge fan of hot pink and orange. Very "Heather". très chic!

Coupled with these sandals = ADORABLE!!!

I'm so totally in love with those sandals.

So what's your summer style? Are you more of a dressy girl like me, or a shorts and tank top kinda gal?

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