Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thirsty Thursday - A Mrs. K Inspired Cinnamon Toddy!

It's that time again! I heart Thirsty Thursdays at FTLOB

For this week's post I want to share with you a rather simple recipe inspired by the fabulous Mrs. K It's a wonderful bed time drink I've been using to help me wind down at night. It's soothing creamy and cinnamon! I call it Mrs. K's Cinnamon Toddy:

I'm drinking one as I type. Yum!

There's only 2 ingredients:

Westsoy Organic Unsweetened Vanilla Soy Milk
Organic Ground Cinnamon

Warm your milk, stir in your cinnamon and enjoy!

This soy milk is FANTASTIC and I love it because it has only 1 gram of carbs (yep - carb counter here!) as opposed to the other brands I've tried. It really needs no sweetening whatsoever! I prefer soy over regular cow's milk. It doesn't agree with me and frankly... I don't particularly want to drink something that was designed to make a calf grow like a zillion times its birth weight in a year... Just sayin... Yuck! Talk about ruining your diet plans... 

Here's the nutrition info on the milk. I found this stuff at my local Trader Joe's but it can also be found online at I LOVE IT! And as you can see, I also like a lot of cinnamon in my Toddy! 

Enjoy lovelies! 


  1. I was highly allergic to cows milk when I was younger (I apparently grew out of it, but now it just smells like barf to me)

    I've never tried soy milk - I've had tofu in the past and my face blew up with an allergy. Oh Lord lol. This does look yummy though! I heart anything with cinnamon =)

  2. @KY have you tried Almond Breeze? It's almond milk and it also comes in an unsweetened version. To me it isn't as good as the Westsoy but if you've got an allergy then the soy would be no bueno. There's also So Delicious Coconut Milk ( which is also pretty tasty but the carb count on that one is too high for my liking. I don't like drinking my carbs - or my sugar! But it IS rather tasty - and healthy for the non-carb addicts! ;)


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