Monday, February 28, 2011

Project: Do Me! {Update}

UPDATE: 2/28/2011

As we head into March - and into a new week - it's time for a Project Do Me! update.


Screw the book. Let's work on getting enough SLEEP! 8 hours a day
Finish all paperwork for next semester 
Keep working on incorporating Coconut Oil into my daily diet (did not accomplish that one last week)


How bout that mundane paperwork? Didn't keep caught up last week - now I have to finish it all this week
Vacuum Mondays and Fridays
Continue to work on house organization


Bestie weekend set for 4/2 - that'll do
Re-organize closet
Donate clothes that have not been worn in the past 6 months

This Year: 

Find a "home" for everything in the house

So how are your projects coming along?


  1. Hey Heather!! Great list!! I see lots of cleaning and organizing - I need to focus on the same this week as we prepare to move back to the states. I love spring cleaning =)

  2. You're list is awesome! I especially like the bestie weekend and donating unworn clothes! I need to add those to my list! :)


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