Monday, February 28, 2011

Music Monday!

In an attempt to avoid the stress of the NHL trade deadline today I'm going to focus on something different this morning while I await the trade announcements. Something that makes me happy (besides hockey of course): music. Today shall be Music Monday!

Inspired by Lady Estrogen - I'd like to share with you the Soundtrack To My Life.  

We all have our favorite albums - those albums we could listen to over and over and over.... and over again. The albums that evoke strong memories of good times - or bad. Perhaps both. I'll start with my top 5 albums for today. I'll do another installment and give ya the full top 10. Then, in yet another installment (or two) - because we all have songs we love but we don't necessarily love the entire album... I'll give you my top10 Songs of My Life.

But I digress...

Without further ado - here's the top 5 albums of my life (not really in any particular order):

1) Poison "Open Up And Say Ahhhhh..."
This was the first album - of my personal choice - that I was permitted to purchase. Everything I listened to up until then was either handed down to me by my sister or were cassettes (and yes, even REAL VINYL RECORDS) that my parents gave me or had in their collections. My mother was rather distraught over this purchase and claims that she never would've let me purchase it if she'd known what the lyrics were. I think she even almost made me take it back - but I prevailed in the end. And I listened to my little Poison cassette tape until it finally got eaten by my boombox. That's right... I said boombox!

And for the record Ma - It wasn't that one album - or any of the ones that came after it - that are the reason for my "corruption". I was just born this way...

2) Jewel "Pieces of You"
If you don't love this album then you either a) have never heard it or b) are LAME. I knew every single solitary word to every single solitary song. From about age 16-18 it was all you heard in my car. Ahhhh... my first car... the little red Honda Civic Hatchback! My best friend and I spent many hours in there singing along with Jewel. Good times...

3) Alanis Morrissette "Jagged Little Pill"
'Nuff said.

4)Tim McGraw "A Place In The Sun"
From start to finish... not a bad song in the bunch! This was my soundtrack around my 21st birthday - back when I used to hike a lot. This was the album I listened to. Every day. 

5)Dixie Chicks "Fly"
I grew up in the south - so of course 2 of these are country albums! And this here song is just too freakin' HYSTERICAL not to be an instant classic...

Stay tuned for the second installment - but in the mean time... What albums or songs do you feel define you or bring back fond memories?


  1. strangely enough, Green Day's "dookie" gives me very fond memories of middle school. Still love it :)

  2. I LOVE that album! That's going to be in my 2nd installment! :)

  3. Alanis Morrissette & Jewel songs from the 90's, puppies named Scarlett & Rhett, and a Marilyn Monroe profile picture--you're pretty much my favorite!!! I just HAD to follow your crazy-good-taste-in-life blog! Happy Friday!


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