Friday, August 19, 2011

Music, Soap & A Coupon!

Good morning Loves!

I've missed you - and have some things to share!

First of all - I'm on an all natural kick. You know, all natural health and beauty products, make-up, not to mention food... 

And you all remember my Etsy obsession right? 

Well Etsy is a fabulous way to combine those two obsessions. 

My most recent obsession has been in finding the perfect bar of soap. 

I've always been a shower gel girl, but upon learning that what most companies put in their shower gel and shampoo concoctions is actually toxic - I decided I should perhaps pursue other options.  

But I'm NOT sacrificing the smell-good aspects of my showers. That's my favorite part - I love to smell good! So I headed to Etsy - on a mission.

Here are some of the goodies I've tried that have rocked my socks!

This lovely soap is called Pink Magnolia and is sold on Etsy by SoapStore aka Arcadia Aromatics. 

I love them. 

Their soaps are handmade in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Their soaps are vegan, made with coconut milk and smell like a little slice of heaven on earth. Admittedly - I was initially drawn to this bar of soap because it's called Pink Magnolia - my favorite color and my favorite flower. Yep. I'm a sucka. But the scent is to die for - and it leaves your skin moisturized and lightly scented. 


Also from Arcadia Aromatics - I found this Himalayan Sea Salt Bar:

It is a light, freshly scented soap that naturally cleanses and detoxes your skin. It contains 75% dead sea minerals - so it's a solid salt bar yet suds up beautifully. 

One of my favorite things as a child was spending my summers on the gorgeous Florida beaches. My mother would always tell me to go rub my feet in the sand - and for good reason! She'd also have me go out in the ocean and breathe in some salt air for anything that "ailed" me. The sea has healing powers. By the time we left each year, my feet were naturally exfoliated from spending my days walking around in the white Florida beach sand and my skin naturally detoxed from the salty ocean water. 

This bar brings the healing power of the sea to your shower!

Oh how I miss Florida beaches...

So after my soap purchases, of course I had to get a soap saver! I purchased one at Whole Foods - but couldn't use it everyday. It was very rough on my skin - fine for occasional exfoliation but definitely not for everyday. So back to Etsy I go... 

And that's where I found this: 

This lovely little soap saver is PERFECT for everyday! I think I will be purchasing another... or 5! 

It is sooooo soft and works so much better than the rough one I got at Whole Foods. Sorry Whole Foods - I still love you!

But not only is the product itself fantastic - so is the seller! She sent me a coupon to share with you lovely readers - so now is the time to try out a soap saver! You won't regret it... They are already really inexpensive - and high quality... 

But she's offering Desert Belle readers a discount of 15%! So follow this link to get your coupon code and shop away!!! She has lots of other fun stuff too - like this Yoga Mat Bag...


And while we're on the subject of things I want...



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  1. I have missed u!!! Good to have u back in bloggyland:) Have a great weekend Missy!!


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