Thursday, February 24, 2011

Better Late Than Never: Awkward & Awesome Thursday!


-When you are attempting to walk past someone in an area with limited space & you both keep going in the same direction in an attempt to go around one another... This happened to me yesterday in Walgreens. So I say "haha you wanna dance?" and he doesn't find it in the least bit funny. Yep. Awkward.

-We had to throw a belligerent client out at work today. Why? We've been dealing with his verbally abusive behavior for weeks now - trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. He's now cussed out every member of the staff and each time he would immediately call back and say "I'm so sorry - I was out of line." Then he'd do it again the next time he came in or called to tell us how incompetent we all were. If this had happened once - perhaps we could get past it. Nope. He kept doing it. You can't verbally smack someone in the face repeatedly and then just try to say "I'm sorry" and take it back every time. How do you NOT get that this type of behavior is NOT ok??? The gall of some people is just astounding to me sometimes. It's hard and can be quite awkward to work with people who have NO concept of how to behave like a normal human being.


-This tweet from @jsportsnet on Twitter: "In ownership news indications that Glendale Bond deal should close imminently, which is primary hurdle... Hulsizer should close in 7-10 days". Why is that awesome? Go read more here.

-I made plans this week with my bestie to go out of town for a mini-vacay to see my niece for her birthday. Can't WAIT! <3

-Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Luster. mmmmhmmmmm. I'm in love.

{Photo Cred}
-The new donut shop that opened up less than a mile from my house. They have the best apple fritters EVER! (this may have to be removed from the awesome list soon - because I am already addicted to them. But for now? Awesome...)

-Last but not least - I'm going to go get my hair chopped off like this tomorrow. 
I. Can't. WAIT!

{photo credit}
Happy Thursday folks - and to get a head start: HAPPY FRIDAY!!!
I hope you all enjoy your weekend.


  1. Okay...I say stuff like that all the time to strangers, they just look at me like I'm weird. I think they think I'm coming onto them...but I always have my 4 kids with me...hey, you know what, they probably think I'm looking for another babies daddy?

    That picture of the donut just put 10 lbs on my butt. Thanks!

    Can't wait to see a pic of you new do!

  2. Hey I'm really loving the new look over here! Well done my friend! =)

  3. @Goodnight Moon - LOL next time that happens say "What? Mama needs some lovin' too..." HA!

    @KY - thanks! This is kind of an interim design - got an even better one in the works! But it'll be a while before its ready. Slowly but surely things are coming together... :)


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