Friday, July 20, 2012

Heather McWhorters Disease

I like WTF? blog post titles that only tie in to a small portion of the post in it's entirety. That makes the reader have to work to figure out how the title ties into the post. Sometimes it doesn't really. This time it kinda does. Keep reading... 

Just in case anyone was worried - I was not asphyxiated by a Suicide Asphyxiation Assassin Fly in my sleep last night. So you can all relax, because I'm sure you were worried. His 24 hours must have run out first. I got lucky.

Today I went to the doctor, for lots of poking and prodding and blood draws. Which I think was a rather stupid thing to do to a possibly anemic person who has already lost too much blood. But I'm no doctor... I've decided to write about this illness and my experiences with it - even though people don't like to read about lady bit problems. But there must be someone out there with the same problem as me. No one seems to be able to figure out why I just won't stop bleeding. But I'm persistent in that "I won't leave you alone until you give me an official diagnosis" kinda way. And if there isn't a diagnosis they can give me, then I'm going down in the history books and will get my very own disease named after me. Something like Heather McWhorters Disease. Hmmm. I don't like it. I'll have to work on the name a bit.

And here's something far more pleasant than bleeding vaginas...

Music for the Morning

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