Sunday, February 5, 2012

My "Best of Instagram" - This Week...

I had a crap week and I'm glad it's over... But you can't tell that from my Instagram photos! Here's some highlights from the week....

I am going to get my passport soon for my trip to Canada. I had to dig through my baby book to find my birth certificate so I can obtain said passport. While doing so, I came across some baby pictures I hadn't seen in a while. Here's one of my favorites - my sister and I on the couch. Apparently it was ok in 1980 to put your learning-to-crawl infant on the couch for crawling practice! No way that could end badly... I brought this up in passing to the Senior Citizen - who said: "Every baby needs to fall on their head at least once - makes you tougher!" 

No Dad... it causes brain damage and likely contributes to the dumbing down of our society. (For the record, he said I didn't fall on my head on this particular occasion. He had no comment as to whether or not I had ever fallen on my head as an infant.) 

Scarlett is shedding - as showcased in the photo below. My house is covered in her hair. And my robotic vacuum is currently screaming at me in protest. "Error - open Roombas brush cage and clean brushes." 

No Roomba - I didn't buy a robotic vacuum so that I would have to stop and clean it's brushes every five minutes. Figure something out. 

I had to go to the eye doctor and get my eyes dilated. On the way home I decided the sunglasses insert they gave me made for a good fashion statement.

I got a Kermit The Frog water bottle at the grocery store that I was COMPLETELY stoked about. It says "I Love Being Green" on the back. Apparently it also loves leaking all over the inside of my purse while I'm at the eye doctor. Of which I do NOT love. Here's a picture of it prior to the point at which I discovered it's flaws. Unfortunately, I doubt very seriously that Fry's will take it back... I will also not be placing water bottles in my purse again - even when the receptionist says "Oh um... you can't have that in here."

This is my iPhone's new lock screen. Found it on one of my many iPhone wallpaper apps. It makes me laugh... I will take slide to teleport for $500 Alex.



  1. Oh my GOSH! Those slide to unlock wallpapers are HILARIOUS! Must check that out!!

  2. Haha..I love everything from the Muppet Show! I hope that ur will have the chance to Rest&Relax soon!


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