Friday, December 2, 2011

Review! Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper

Good morning everyone! I have been MIA for quite a while - I do apologize for my absence. I've missed you all and have missed checking in on your blogs every day. I'll hopefully have time to start doing some catch up over the next few weeks as my last class of the year winds down and I have a short break before the next one. I feel so out of the bloggy loop!

Today however, I am reviewing the Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper - which is a handy little thing! 

What is it? 
The unique Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper is the easiest way to remove unwanted facial hair and get salon quality results at home. Incorporating the original Nad’s Natural Gel into a slimline applicator, the Nad’s Facial Wand allows you to apply just the right amount of gel exactly where you want it. 

What does it do?
Perfect for all delicate facial areas, the Nad’s Facial Wand for facial hair removal glides across the contours of your face. Melting with your own natural body heat, there is no need to worry about making mistakes, as any excess gel easily washes away in water. 

I'll spare you the pictures from my attempts... because I am a terrible photographer and I had a huge zit in the middle of my forehead on that day. Ew...

But here's a video showing how to use it...

My Conclusion:
I LOVED the ease of application this little wand provides. I'm typically a plucker - and find that to be rather time consuming. If I have the extra cash I'll get it done at a salon - but always wind up with a rash and pimples from the hot wax. DO NOT WANT! 

With this little beaut here's no rash, no pimples (except the one I already had...) and if you mess up and put some in the wrong spot, it washes away easily with water and you can start all over! (Yes - I had to do it... twice!) 

I give this product... (drum roll please...) 

4.5 Stars 

It lost .5 of a star for the small amount of strips and cleansing cloths it comes with. There is plenty of product but I think I'll be running out of strips and cleansing cloths long before I run out of the product. They strips are however, washable and reusable - so don't throw them away! As for the cleansing cloths - I may experiment with some toner when I run out of those.  

All in all - DEFINITELY worth the 9-ish bucks you'll spend. Give it a try! 



  1. Welcome back to bloggyland and that product looks intresting!! Havent seen it here in Sweden yet but hopefully it they will start selling it here too:)

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  3. Thanks for the review!!
    Have a pretty day!


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