Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's Holiday Pie Time!

Why are those damn McDonald's Holiday Pies so delicious?

I can't even tell what's in it - nor can I find what it's made of listed online. It's likely that they do that on purpose. It's a yummy, disgusting, sugar cookie-esque, sparse sprinkle laden "pie" tube. I don't even know how McDonald's still sells any of those apple pie tubes - now we have Holiday Pie Tubes. 

And I love them... 

It's most certainly not vegan - and COMPLETELY not gluten free. In fact, I feel deathly ill every time I eat one. I had one today. I will most certainly be sick all weekend. 


There's something wrong with me...

They only have them at select McDonald's during the holiday season - my local McDonald's is - of course - one of those select locations. And every time I drive past it, I want one of those damn Holiday Pies! 

McDonald's is PURE EVIL!


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