Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things that make me happy...

Things that..

Hockey season is finally back! 

My birthday is in 5 days.

After this week - there's only 1 more week of wretched Algebra left! 
And right now - I'm passing... but only because my dear friend Jeffy is a brilliant tutor! 
I'd be totally screwed right now without him. 
I'm so blessed in the friends department. 

My amazing friends. 

I just love Halloween... It gives me an excuse to wear my pimp costume and smack people ;)

Coming soon: Thanksgiving and Christmas!
Christmas is my most favorite time of year EVER! 
(Not including the beginning of hockey season of course - that's hard to beat.) 

Planning a vegan Thanksgiving.

Going to see my family for Christmas. 

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

And this collabo:


& this song too...



& last but certainly not least...

YOU - my fabulous bloggy friends! 
I am so grateful for all the wonderful friends I've made through blogging - I may not get to visit your blogs as often as I'd like right now with all that's going on, but I want you to know that I appreciate you and your comments. 

Ya'll ROCK! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday loves!



  1. I am thinking that someone had a little happy pill this morning ! LOL

    When I started the ninth grade, I went from Algebra 1 to Into to Algebra to Fundamentals of Math.......all in 2 weeks. That is how much I SUCK at math. So, good luck with your Algebra.

    And Happy Soon to be Birthday !!

    As one of your bloggy friends....MUAHHHHH !

  2. Haha Cinn - no (extra) happy pills! LMAO! I was just feeling exceptionally blessed last night - so I decided to share the love. It's not often I'm in those kinds of moods... ;)

  3. Im Happy that u are Happy:)) Seems that u have some good stuff going on!


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