Monday, October 10, 2011



First up - I'd like to honor the holiday today. FYI - I still have to work today. Enjoy it if you actually have the day off. Happy Columbus Day anyway. I'd like to celebrate with one of my favorite Americans: Toby Keith. Pro football player turned musician - 100% proud American. I love this guy... And this song! 

Now - because it's Monday and we all know how much I hate Mondays... 
This - ladies & gents - is quite possibly the most perfect Monday song EVER... 

Now for one of my favorite Lule Bryan songs...

Now let's wrap this thing up with a new one by Miranda Lambert:

Have a good day lil Monsters! If you have today off - sleep in late for me, k?



  1. Love your choices!

    Thanks for rocking with us!

    Aloha :)

  2. Ahhh..I wish I had at least 1 month off laying by some pool sipping Mimosas:)))

  3. Oh yeah, that is the perfect Monday song! LOL Love your picks! Made my dishes go a lot faster while I washing. LOL Let's dance! hehehehe Thanks for playing along today. See you next week! Happy Columbus Day!


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