Monday, October 3, 2011

It's time for another episode of: I.NEED.IT.

Leave it to Paula Dean to bring to my attention a product that I'm going to have to start another personal savings account in order to purchase... *sigh*

Isn't she beautiful?

Thanks a lot Paula - you could've just sent me one as a gesture of niceness or something. I am a huge fan. Or hey - KitchenAid? I'd be an excellent product tester. I'm not Paula Dean (yet!) I already love you anyway - I will say many wonderful things... Unless what you send me totally sucks. Because I can't lie to my readers - not even for you and your pink stuff!

Everyone knows that if it comes in pink - I MUST OWN IT! I'm a huge fan of all KitchenAid appliances. Especially since so many of them come in pink! But seriously folks - I love the quality. My pink Cuisinart SPB-7 SmartPower 40-Ounce 7-Speed Electronic Bar Blenderhas been a life saver in helping me whip up my green smoothies. I don't need no stinkin' Vitamix!

I am now accepting donations for my I.NEED.IT fund - since I just had to buy a car I will be broke for the next 4 or so years...

WHAT?!?! I forgot to tell you I bought a new car?!?! Well - it's only the most fantastical car EVER! It's a 2012 Ford Focus and the color is EPIC. Though Mr. C says that the color isn't going to save me from the impact of another car hitting me at warp speed - he's so... practical... I think color is still ESSENTIAL! And he agrees that the car is safe. So win - win. But you know, if you don't look good - well, you might as well just curl up in a ball and hide.

Anyway - here's my new Precious!

Don't mind that sweet glare... Those are crappy iPhone pictures that I took myself. Here's some pictures I jacked from here to show you better details. These aren't pictures of my actual car - but it is pretty much identical. The car pictured even has a few less features than mine does - which means it must be the "Not As Awesome As Mine" model...



  1. Oh I agree you totally need one. It will take your baking into the stratosphere...I love mine :)

    Congrats on the sweet new car!!

  2. That is so pretty! Both things! I actually drove a Ford (although a smaller Fiesta) when I went down to Munich earlier this fall. I at first thought, oh no, not a Ford. But it was an AWESOME car, really loved it. And I know you are loving yours too!


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