Friday, October 21, 2011

Birthdays & Such...

So - my 32nd birthday was this past Monday.

No - I don't feel old. Perhaps I have reached the "denial" phase of life - but I think 32 is a pretty gosh darn good age to be. I'm in my "prime". Whatever will I do with myself?!? Well I'll tell you...

Before my 33rd birthday I will be:
  1. earning my Bachelor's degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Chemical Dependency (this is huge - as I've been in and out of college since age 18) 
  2. traveling to Canada (and out of the country) for the first time to get my certification in Yoga For Round Bodies.
  3. stopping smoking again (this time for good) 
  4. letting my hair grow back out 
  5. keep working toward a 100% vegan diet
  6. incorporate more exercise into my daily routine and try to like it. 
I suppose you could call these my "birthday resolutions".  I think it's better to resolve to do things from birthday to birthday. Everyone makes New Years resolutions. I like to be different. :)

Do you have any special birthday rituals now that you are an adult?

I got a birthday card from my sister and niece that was far too cute not to share...

My Niece - photo via Twilight Photography Designs

To get the full effect - watch the video. So cute!

She's in Kindergarten now and she can write her first AND last name... 

I personally enjoy the extra haphazard "Happy" up there above... whoever that is in the picture she drew...

Then here we have her little family - Mom, Kaitlyn & Dad (I'm guessing)
But wait! That balloon - it's missing something...
Much better.... :)
And for myself this year - I got the new iPhone 4s.

Siri has been awesome so far - it's sooooo cool! 
Mr. C is enjoying asking me to tell it strange things. Today he said: ask it "Where can I find drugs?" because supposedly if you ask it that it will tell you where the nearest rehab is. Which is funny... Except my Southern accent is apparently hard for Siri to understand. 
Here's what she thought I said:
Apparently Siri comes equipped with a sense of humor and all...



  1. Happy belated birthday! We're the same age. I love that you set goals at each of your birthdays. I particularly love #5! :)

  2. Thank you Nicole! 32 is the new 18 - I've decided :)

  3. Happy Birtday Missy!! I hope you have a good one!! Im turning 34 next time and I truly hope that it will be the year something amazing will happen:))

  4. I think 34 is your magic number Mrs. K! I feel it! Thanks for the birthday wishes <3

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i am sure you can get those goals done by next year

  6. Happy Belated birthday. And that's a helluva list. Good luck with it. I know you can do it !


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