Monday, July 4, 2011

A Childhood Actor's Untimely Death aaand... PUPPIES! Welcome to life inside my head.

The following post is all the fault of Dwija - who inadvertently (and unknowingly) sent me on a quest today. 

A quest for what you probably didn't ask...? Well I'll tell you! 

A quest for the autopsy results for actor Corey Haim - who as it turns out - didn't die of a drug overdose after all. Funny how the media didn't make the fuss over THAT little tidbit of information as they did in suspecting his death was an overdose. He died of natural causes - that in my professional opinion were the result of years of drug abuse - but that's irrelevant. It wasn't an overdose. 

Going on this quest today sent me to Corey Haim's website (how did we we ever get along without google...?) and then on to his Myspace account. Where I was reminded of how much I love the song "Vincent" by Don McLean - and of crazy Jonathan who lived in my apartment complex in college and used to sing it with a lisp whilst playing it on his guitar. HILARIOUS. Go on - sing it with a lisp. I'll wait...

Hilarious, isn't it? 

Then - since I actually remembered my password and was able to login to my Myspace account - I decided to look at my pictures that I haven't looked at in years on there. That's where I came across these little gems. This is the first (and only) litter of puppies Savanna had. Rhett is their father, and they will be his only children as well.

This is how my mind works people - from a childhood actor's untimely death to puppies. I could have adult ADD. It's entirely possible... 

But let's look at cute puppy pictures now...


I hope you are all enjoying your time with friends and family this weekend. I am laid up in bed sick. So I'm going back to sleep now... 



  1. oh my goodness, those puppies are ADORABLE!

  2. Sorry you're sick--hope it passes quickly. Interesting about Corey Haim; they didn't stay with the story very long.

    Loooooooove those puppy photos!

  3. Those are the cutest puppies! Hope you start feeling better soon.

    I think I have Adult ADD, or just a short attention span sometimes :)

  4. Hi there- found you through the Weekend Rewind and am a new follower. I love puppy pictures (I'm guilty of posting them fairly often)! I'm from AZ and also studied psychology! I hope you have time to follow my life in South Africa by

    I hope you had a great weekend!


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