Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Casey Anthony Aftermath (& a super fun poll!)

Ahhh "Tot Mom"...

Are you all sick to death of the whole thing yet? Outraged by the verdict? Feel justice has been served? Do you even know what I'm talking about? 

Ok, Ok... so maybe the jurors couldn't convict her beyond a reasonable doubt on the murder of her daughter Caylee. I get that.

I took several undergrad law classes and contemplated law school - I'm quite familiar with reasonable doubt. It's impossible to convict someone of murdering another person when there is no proof what so ever of what killed them.

No one knows what "actually" killed Caylee, it was listed as a "homicide of undetermined means". So we know that someone killed her, we just don't have the forensic evidence to prove what killed her and that it was her mother that did it, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Nor do we have any proof that her father helped her cover it up. But I think he did. And possibly the brother too. The web of lies and deceit she spun were incomprehensible. If the baby drowned in the family pool, as Casey claims - why not call 911 if you are innocent of having drowned the child yourself? Why wrap her in a blanket and dump her in a swamp?

Because THAT's not what happened. My theory? She put that poor baby to sleep with chloroform and went out partying. She wanted to make sure Caylee didn't wake up while Mommy was out getting her groove on. Well... she didn't. In fact, she won't ever wake up again. And it's likely that the truth of what happened to her will remain a Anthony family secret for eternity.

Everything I wanted to write and inform you of in this lovely blog post, Leslie Mashall pretty much beat me to. She nailed it on the head. Especially with this quote:

"I’ll tell you one thing, Casey Anthony won’t be wearing the scarlet letter “M” for murderer, as most of us would like to see.
Whether she’s truly innocent or guilty of this crime, we’ll never know. Either way, Casey got what she wanted: freedom. And I personally believe she killed her daughter for it."


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