Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tomorrow's Post Today...


Dear Bloggyland,

I haven't had any nicotine in well over 24 hours.

I want you all to know that this is what I feel like:

No wait - this is more accurate...

That's a steaming pile of POO - in case you couldn't tell. 

But I'll put on one of these...

& pretend to care about everyone else's problems today. 

That's what I DO - I'm a counselor. And my nicotine withdrawal doesn't matter when my heroin addicts need me! (please note that sarcasm is intended) 

But without further ado.... 


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Today's Hops:



  1. Hooray! It's tough.. I KNOW. keep goin'

    Nice pile of poo, btw.

  2. Thanks - I thought it was a rather pleasant pile of poo... :D

  3. Quit smoking? Anyway GOOD WORK!! Keep it going!!

  4. If you've decided to quit....HOORAY. I read this and THEN, although my cat has the entire world to use as a littler box, he waits to come in here. And it came right as I read "giant pile of poo". Talk about a "scratch and sniff" moment. Whew....

    Seriously, good luck.

  5. @Mrs. K. yes - I was a smoker. It's a hard habit to break! But I need to get serious about exercising and the smoking is making it hard to breathe!

    @CinfulCinnamon HA! You're cat thought he should perhaps remind you want a giant pile of steaming poo smells like. He feels my pain... (bad kitty!)

  6. Yay for quitting smoking! Boo for feeling like poo! Hope your day got better, friend :)


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