Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Learn Something New Tuesday

1. How old does someone have to be to be officially an 'adult' to you?
You're mom's an adult... 

(as you can see from my response - I'm 31 years old and do not claim to be one of the illustrious adults you speak of yet - I'm thinking if it hasn't happened by now it ain't gonna happen folks!)

2. Would you get along with someone who reminded you of yourself?
Fabulously! We'd never get on each other's nerves! We'd sleep all the time, blog the rest of the time and spend minimal time cooking and cleaning. But we'd also both work so we'd have more of an income and we could hire a maid and a chef! It's a win-win!!! 

3. Did you ever seriously think that a monster was hiding under your bed?
Pffft... no. I was more afraid of Chucky Cheese. He's a scary mo-fo!

4. Did you ever have a black and white cat?
When I first read this question it looked like "Did you ever eat a black and white cat?" and my first thought was - "No! I'm not Chinese." Which is both racist and hilarious - considering my dearest friend is Korean. But she knows I'm not racist and that I don't eat cats. I don't particularly care what the rest of you think. But I digress... Yes, I had many black and white cats over the years.

5. Last time you used hand sanitizer?
I don't use it - even though I have a Costco sized container of it in my office (in hopes that my clients will use it - because some of them just plain don't bathe... use the hand sanitizer before you touch anything in here, k? k.). I hate the stuff - for my own personal use - it dries my hands out and makes bacteria stronger and more resistant to things we use to kill it. So STOP USING IT! YOU'RE ACTUALLY MAKING IT WORSE! Friggin' wash your hands. When do you not have the opportunity to wash your hands? I mean honestly... I wash my hands all the time. There are restrooms everywhere. It's like the law and stuff (probably not). If you are eating at a restaurant that has no place for you to wash your hands before you eat then you don't want to eat there anyway. Ew. And if you're eating in the car... STOP IT! Or just deal with the germs. If you're going to be driving and eating you're just going to be touching the steering wheel and getting those germs back on your hands. So just STOP IT! Take some time to stop and smell the flowers people. Don't eat in the car. Has anyone noticed that the sniffles and constant kid yuckies have gotten worse since everyone starting on their hand sanitizer craze? Some of the schools even want you to supply your child with their own bottle to keep at school. I'd be at the PTA meeting making a ruckus if I had kids... But ultimately I blame Bath & Body Works and their delicious scented body crap craze (which is also horrible for your skin - their crap is full of skin hating ingredients!)... damn the man!!! 

You're all sheep... baaaaaaaaaaaah :)


Well that turned into far more of a rant than I'd anticipated. Moving on...

6. Do you like wearing your hair up or down?
I have no choice at the moment - it's cut in a bob and not long enough to put up. When it was long though I used to wear it up every day at work - and down for most social activities and things like that. 



  1. I always wear my hair up. I'm boring boring boring.
    I sort of consider myself as an adult. Mortgage, car payment, kids...all that stuff adds up to force me into adulthood. Ack!
    And, dont yell, I use sanitizer. :)

  2. @Lindsey STOP IT!!! LOL ;)P.S. You can still be a kid and do adult things. Makes it funner. See? I just made up my own word. Funner.

  3. Ahhh thank you Dweej - lack of nicotine induced randing is when I'm at my best!

  4. haha..the question about being with someone that would be like me really cracked me up!! I would go insane..lol

  5. @Mrs.K I thought long and hard about that question... And I finally came to the conclusion that I am fantastic and mostly it's other people that suck. So if I found someone just like me I'd be in heaven! haha!

  6. Too cute...loving the adult response. Kori xoxo

  7. LOL! Great post!

    I'm a new follower from Twitter Hop Tuesday!Looking forward to more of your posts :)

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  8. haha...I thought that about the cat question too...

    I posted it because I thought it said something about eating a cat...Then I realized that's not what it said...

  9. haha! awesome post! loved it!


  10. Love your answers!!! I knew there was a reason I don't use hand sanitizer - now I know!!! I do eat in my car - but I'm the only one eating and driving my car - so that's ok, right??

    Thanks for joining the Tuesday Train!!

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