Friday, April 29, 2011

Sponsor Luv!

Well folks it's getting to the end of the month and the end of my free sponsor promos! So this will be my last sponsorship post (for now at least). I'd like to introduce you to the rest of my leading ladies!

I'd like to start by introducing you to my favorite hockey wives!

(I'm not so sure she appreciates me calling her Tex, but it just kinda happened that way :)

This is a blog that you do NOT want to miss. From lessons in German curse words to the Storyteller's Blog Hop - you won't want to miss a single post! Take a few moments to read over her About Me page. Her wedding story is phenomenal! 

This is Kimmy!
(another nickname :)

Kimmy isn't "officially" a hockey wife yet - but the wedding will be here before you know it! I have gotten a lot of inspiration from Kimmy and her blog - Travel Babbles - in the short amount of time I've "known" her. She challenges me, inspires me and keeps me laughing. 

This is Hockey Wife's blog 
(no nickname there really - she's an anonymous blogger... shhhh :)

A blogger I met online - and now call "friend". This woman is amazing! If you've ever wondered what life married to a professional athlete is like - grab a cup of coffee and cuddle up with your laptop on the couch - A Day In The Life of a Hockey Wife brings you the ups, downs and everything in between! My favorite is reading about the never-ending adventures of Linden, her hockey crazed son!


Next up: My Bestie!

Another hockey blogger - and my best friend! Her hockey insight is definitely top notch - check her out!

Last - but in no way least - we have CoyotesHipCheck!

Another of my best friends - she is better known in our little circle as Mama Z. Her blog is full of great information about the Phoenix Coyotes and the ups and downs of being a Coyotes fan in this lovely "non-traditional hockey market" of ours. 

I hope you'll take a moment to check these blogs out - all of them are fabulous!

Happy Friday little monsters!



  1. Tex's blog rocks! And I'm going to have to check out the others you've mentioned, too. Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, I can't load Shrink to Fit this morning. This computer is going to be the death of me, I swear. :( I saw where you'd lost again...congrats! But I wasn't able to scroll any further before the computer froze. I'll be catching up soon though...we're (hopefully) getting a new laptop this weekend.

  2. LOVE TexaGermaNadian and I think I need to follow a few more of these Hocky Moms! They need to have their own blog niche, I didn't know there were so many : ) I'm a new follower from a hop, Happy Friday!

  3. Funny you say that Irish Italian's already in the works ;)

    Thanks again H! xoxo

  4. Funny you say that, Irish Italian - it's already in the works ;)

    Thanks again, H!! xox

  5. How did I miss this? Heather, you are beyond sweet. What a nice write up you did about me (and my blog)! Thank you!


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