Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ahhh Monday... How I despise you.... 

Especially the Mondays when I had to work the Saturday before. I feel like I didn't get a break! 

But off to the grind I go... Complaining all the way ;)

Today we have our very first home playoff game against the Detroit Red Wings. I can't even begin to express how much I hate the Red Wings fans in Phoenix. They are Neanderthals who pee in sinks (the WOMEN - and there were stalls open...) and throw beers on entire rows of small children. UGH! 

So wish me luck as I take on the Neanderthal fans tonight. And my boys too - they really need a win at home tonight to lift their spirits and keep them in this playoff series - so please send the Coyotes lots of good vibes today! We've got everyone rooting against us because "rumor has it" that they are packing up for Canada as soon as they are eliminated from the playoffs. 

There's no truth to it at this point - but it has effectively ruined the team's spirit and their playoff run. They are just as tired of this as the rest of us. But enough of that... If you'd like to learn more on the history of that you can visit my hockey blog and the Save The Coyotes Coalition website. 

But I am asking for your thoughts for my team today - they need something to give them their spark back. I know my team and I know the way they are playing is far from what they are capable of - they are down, they feel defeated. They need a good bit of positive energy (and a positive announcement on the ownership situation wouldn't hurt... a girl can dream) to get back into this series. They've let this whole situation get them down... Which is pretty much where we're all at with it right now. We've been beaten, kicked and abused - but we've always bounced back. I need my fellow fans and my team to make a helluva showing at Arena tonight! Hockey is far from "just a sport". To my guys it is their livelihood. To me it is my social life - it's where I met all of my best friends here in Phoenix, it is where I spend my free time. It is sewn into the fabric, the pieces of my life. It's my tradition, my world. It's why I am still here in Phoenix. Needless to say - my heart will break if my team leaves. I'm not even sure I could adopt another NHL team. I may just start saying GOOOOOO Ravensburg Towerstars! :)

But without further ado - here's your Music For The Morning!




  1. Mondays are tough for most of s so I understand... Good luck on your game and thanks for sharing some fav songs... haven't heard the Bangles in a while. :-)
    I stopped by from the MMMM bloghop and now following you via GFC.

  2. Ahh Mondays are the worst especially when you havent had the whole weekend off!! Hope you have a great evening at the game:)

  3. I can honestly say that my hope for your team is totally PURE. Since I don't follow ANY sport teams of any kind; perhaps by lending my wishful hopes for a victory will give them some kind of beginners luck from me to them !!

  4. Hate Mondays, too! But love your music choices!
    Hope your day isn't that bad though!
    Hugs xxx

  5. Oh, and btw, I have been meaning to did your niece like her headband and cozy?? Hope all arrived in good condition!!!

  6. I hope hope hope! I'm sending tons of positive thoughts their way. You will I know, but definitely let us know how it goes ASAP.

    Best of luck, Coyotes!

  7. HAHA! I am just now seeing this!! You are amazing, thank you so much for support the hubs back then. So sorry I missed it then, I feel really bad. Anyways, never to late to say thanks for always being so great ;)


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