Monday, August 13, 2012

If you hate blood, this post's not for you.

How is it that no one in the medical profession knows what's wrong with me? With all the technology, scientific advances and education we have these days, why is it that none of these doctors can figure out why I just won't stop bleeding???

That's it. It's official. I have Heather McWhorter's disease.

In a week and 2 days I go have surgery. This *might* stop the bleeding.... The bleeding that has now been going on for 52 days.

Wait... WHAT?!?!

So now I am officially a full blown anemic from all this blood loss. I fainted on Thursday. I came close to doing it again this morning. BECAUSE THEY TOOK MORE BLOOD!

Those doctors keep taking more blood... I don't understand. To a normal person this would be DUMB. My PCP didn't like my OBGYN's test results - so he had to take some blood to test for himself. Today they called to tell me I need to come back in to discuss the results. That's never good.

My OBGYN wanted to test it all again today - even though I just had it done by my PCP before the fainting on Thursday. So now she has me on bed rest until after the surgery. That means no going to work, no exercising and even (gasp) NO SHOPPING! Can you imagine? Glad my Kindle is well stocked.

This blows... 

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