Saturday, May 26, 2012


I go through phases of music fixation, typically fixating on certain artists. I just recently went through Adele, Rhianna and Sugarland fixations. Now I'm onto Carrie Underwood. Not only is her music amazing... 

So is her hair:
{image via}
And her fashion sense:
{image via}
{image via}
This one is my all time fav. She looks like a PRINCESS!!!
{image via}
Plus she has fantastic taste in men. Hockey players are my favorite too, Carrie!
{image via}

Right now I'm completely obsessed with this song. Yes, it's older... but my music fixations know no time limits. Nor do they care what is popular at the current time... 

Music for the Morning

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  1. Totally agree with u on this one! And the hair is fab!!!


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