Sunday, August 14, 2011


I received a lovely package in the mail from my sister this past week - aren't those type of surprises the absolute BEST?!?
My beautiful Seester and niece!
Inside my surprise package was some adorable hair decor and a t-shirt from their new business - Twilight Photography Designs.

But my favorite part of the whole package? My 5 year old niece's message on the back of the envelope the goodies arrived in...
(Obviously I do not possess the photography skills of my sister's family...)
I think it says "I love you NaNa - Kaitlyn" (NaNa is what she calls me).

Then it appears that she's learned some Italian? Not so good with the spelling perhaps - Ciao Kaitlyn! Lastly - we have a lovely picture of the two of us holding hands. I'm not sure if I'm the one that's all head or the one in a dress? Regardless... it's lovely!

Here's some pictures from their new photog business - talent runs in the family peeps!

Aren't they lovely?!?

If you're in need to of a photographer - my bro-in-law's your guy!


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  1. What a beauty!! Such adorable photos. Saw your other post, will miss this blog around a bit. But I have a feeling I can find you in other places ;)


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