Thursday, July 21, 2011

didya miss me?!?

Life has decided to kick into over drive! That's not necessarily a bad thing - but it is for my blog I suppose. The blog is the first thing that gets neglected.

Just for kicks, here's a sample day in my life (yesterday to be exact):

1:30am alarm starts going off
Hit snooze for 45 minutes
2:15-2:20ish up and at 'em
Search for a clean wash cloth and towel in the dark
Trip over the pile of dirty laundry in the bathroom on the way to the shower
2:20 shower
3:00 fix hair, put on clothes (a very important step)
3:10 throw green smoothie ingredients in the blender while checking the clock every 2 seconds
3:12 search frantically for a clean smoothie jug
3:14 stand in the kitchen for a full minute thinking "I know I'm forgetting something..."
3:15 throw fresh fruit, large bottle of coconut white tea and green smoothie in a bag and run out of the door
Trip over sleeping dog on the way out
3:16 fight off gi-normous mutant Buckeye Bugs to get to the car
3:20 go back inside and get phone
Trip over sleeping dog again
3:30 driving...
3:57 arrive at work
Tell homeless man sleeping in the bushes that this is not the Hilton Inn
Hurry inside so you don't get raped
4:00 the madness begins - bring on the heroin addicts!
4-10 be everything to everyone
10:00 lock the doors so no more of them can get in until tomorrow
10:20 the late ones finally stop pounding on the door
10:30 remember that you forgot to eat breakfast
Get green smoothie from fridge
11:00 look around at the piles and stacks of things that need to be done and walk to co-workers office, declare that it's now "Time For a Smoke Break"
Discuss at length how you both need to stop smoking
11:05 hurry to finish up the day's client notes
Noon: print notes, put them in drawer so Boss Lady doesn't see them and yell about the amount of filing you don't have time to deal with
12:01 Look around again at all the things you didn't have time to do
Contemplate asking for a raise
Remember how that went the last time
Contemplate taking a xanax
12:05 Clock out - drive home
1:00pm eat lunch in front of home computer while reading emails
Begin homework
Curse frequently as gluten free lasagna falls on keyboard
2:00 try to stay awake while studying for test
3:00 try to stay awake while working on paper
3:30 give up and go take a nap
4:30 get jolted awake by dogs, who are bored and want to remind you that there are only 2 more hours until dinner time
5:00 stubbornly lie in bed trying to ignore 4 dogs that won't quit jumping on you
5:15 give up, go back to studying
6:00 Senior Citizen arrives home
Spend 30 minutes pondering what to eat for dinner
Play "Not It" to determine who cooks dinner
6:30 feed dogs
7:00 decide on dinner, eat it while watching "American Dad"
Listen to Senior Citizen tell you (again) what horrible taste in television programming you have
7:30 go outside - stare at dirt in bottom of swimming pool
Wonder when you will have time to clean swimming pool
Investigate the "funny noise" coming from pool pump
Trip over dog that is trailing behind you, almost fall in pool
Senior Citizen finds this amusing...
8:00 say "I need to go to bed" while sitting down to respond to classmates in this week's discussion forum
9:00 get up to go to bed, wash face, brush teeth, etc...
9:30 attempt to lay down, think of all the things that still need to get done
Take a xanax
Read until it kicks in
10:00 finally settle in to sleep...




  1. Omg!!!you really need a vacation!!! Keep up the good work but dont worn you self out!Hopfully you have the weekend off? XoXO

  2. I DO!!!! Thank goodness! I am going to spend some much needed QT with my little friend Maddy (she's 10) - we're going to get a second hole pierced in her ear! So it will be a weekend of relaxing, playing, shopping and swimming! I hope your's is good as well Mrs. K! xoxo

  3. I'm so jealous. I need more homeless people and drug addicts...LOL

    You do need a vacay ! I'll write you a note to excuse you from the madness for as long as you want !


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