Monday, June 6, 2011

etsy wish list!

I adore etsy. I've compiled quite the wish list in there. I'd like to share a few of my favorite finds with you on this magical Monday. It's no secret that I adore everything in zebra print - so let's start there!

Here we have a hand painted zebra night stand from artworksbycarol.
Perfect for the black & white Marilyn room, no?

Too bad I have no where to put it! 

Sterling silver glass pendant necklace

And matching earrings!

And speaking of Marilyn... 
Here's a Marilyn Monroe small trinket box from charmingladies3

What's this, you ask? 
Why... it's a Tofu Pirate
(And that's damn funny... I don't care who you are!)

I also love my Starfish...

THIS is my next beach cover-up! 

If I ever have a little girl - she is SO getting one of these!



  1. I really like the night stand!!

  2. the flower in the hair... amazing... i don´t have a baby, but i can wear that one :D

  3. I LOVE that nightstand. I want it I want it !!!

  4. Those are some fab finds! The tofu pirate is cracking me up.


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