Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What is that?

What is this?

Is that... a VEST?!?! 

Did someone actually think a VEST on a swimsuit would be a good idea? You know what I would look like in this swimsuit Ashley Stewart? I would look like a top heavy leopard - or maybe just like a fat chic who forgot to put on pants. Neither are acceptable attire for the beaches of Hawaii!


A little less vest, a little more cleavage this time. 


That is all. Carry on...



  1. No way...just no way....but I'm sure someone will be wearing it this year! LOL

  2. Well.......I like her Bangles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Heather,
    Fun post. You made me laugh. I found you off of “I love my online friends Monday hop” from last week. I was hoping to play this week, but no party was thrown. I just became your newest follower. If you would like to return the favor I’m leaving a link to my blog below. I am looking for new friends to exchange comments with.

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  4. hahahahaha - oh my word! Funny post!
    I hate swimsuit season. I know exactly the type of suit I want but no one makes anything like it. Why can't I find a tankini with a support bra built in, instead of that stupid flimsy material lining which does nothing but makes my boobs sad.

  5. Absolutely not! I agree with your take!

  6. Hilarious! You are finding some real doozies these days. What is wrong with people?

  7. Hi, I am visiting from the bloghop and I am following you.I would love for you to check out my blog. http://shandassweepsandfreebies.blogspot.com/

  8. @Theresa I KNOW!!! Killin' me people...

    @KY ahhhh my KY, always finding the good in things. Tis why I <3 you!!!

    @Shanae welcome! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

    @Debbie meee toooooo!!! I swear they don't make swimsuits for real people...

    @productjunkiemama it's unacceptable! LOL

    @Dwija apparently I attract horrid fashion sense...?

    @pegasus welcome! thanks for the follow!

  9. *lol* You know I kind of always wondered how designers get new ideas... I mean I'm pretty sure at some stage you reach the point when every combination of clothing has been "invented". And yet - this. Just when you think it can't get worse, they put a vest on a swimsuit. Looks weird, but is also very impractical when you actually want to go for a swim...

  10. I like the bangles too. Can you imagine what kind of tan lines she'd have? Might as well go for a "farmers" tan...LOL

  11. hmmmm..... Don't know how I feel about this. On the one hand, extra coverage in a bathing suit is always a good thing - but on the other hand, Really?? Something else to try to keep from bunching up between my chests and my stomach??

    Thanks so much for joining the Tuesday Train - hope to see you there again real soon!

  12. Hilarious! I imagine the vest would get hot as well!

  13. I can't even see myself in a suit right now with or without the vest, but I think I would go without the vest. :)

    PS Now following GFC! Awesome meeting you through the Tuesdays Gone Blog Hop! :)


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