Sunday, May 22, 2011


I didn't really get anything accomplished that I'd wanted to this weekend - except the grocery shopping. And picking up my  fresh produce from the co-op Saturday morning. Which was friggin' AWESOME by the way... 

But everything else I needed to do around here, put away the piles of things in my room, deep clean the house, re-arrange the patio furniture, clean and re-organize my office, remove the furniture that does not belong in the living room from the living room... none of that got done. I haven't even done the laundry. I'm not REALLY procrastinating - I just have no desire to do much of anything at the moment. I did run Roomba - which doesn't really count because I have to run Roomba daily with the 4 dogs around.

That link has some great anti-procrastination information by the way - meh... read it later.

I did get a little R & R in the pool yesterday. It perked up my mood for a bit. Now it's back to "bleh". I also ate entirely gluten free yesterday. Thursday, Friday and today I ate pizza (I can't let leftovers go to waste...) - which I think has something to do with my mood. I talked a bit about this on the weight loss blog - but I have this theory that I am allergic to wheat and/or gluten. I can't go to the doctor at the moment to find out for sure, but when I eat it I feel horrible. Lethargic, depressed, just want to sleep, upset stomach... Any number of other things. But with all this depression, the thought of entirely eliminating gluten from my house is a rather daunting task. I'm just too friggin' tired... Somebody send the Gluten Fairy to anti-gluten my kitchen, k?

I know I sound like a whiney bitch - and if I had to read this on someone else's blog I'd tell them to buck up and get over it because no one wants to hear it... (ok not really). But there's just something very wrong and I can't seem to figure out exactly what it is.

It doesn't help that I pissed off one of my favorite people on the planet on Friday - by reacting before thinking... which should be a rather difficult thing to do in an email. Not for me apparently, in my obnoxious state. Now he's not speaking to me. Geeze... SORRY! 

Let me find a hole to crawl into before I screw anything else up. I gotta go back to work tomorrow - this should be fun...


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  1. :( You have my support, buddy, no matter what. I'm sure things'll turn around soon. Thinking of you and sending nothing but good thoughts your way!


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