Monday, May 30, 2011

Music For the Morning - Memorial Day Aftermath!

I had an amazing weekend - I totally needed it! I spent Saturday wandering the Farmer's Market with my sista from anotha mista (AKA M) and our friends B & M. Boy did we ever rack up on the fresh fruits and veggies! I should have remembered to take pictures but I had my hands full of so much awesome stuff  I didn't have the ability to snap photos too!

I also found kale chips, gluten free chocolate (I have to thank B or he'll get his panties in a wad, he actually found my chocolate...) and so much more fun stuff! I wanted to buy it all!

We had lunch at Chompie's - after much research on which Valley restaurants had extensive gluten free options. It was fabulous! Then it was time for impromptu pedicures! We're such daredevils! ;)

After the shopping & lunch fun we were invited to a pool party with some of my favorite peeps. I drank entirely too much tequila and had to sleep at M & J's house. Which led to dehydration and being up until 3:30am - that wasn't so fun. But surprisingly my hangover was only minimal. I had so much fun with M & J - it was amazing to see them, it feels like it had been forever! They always make me happy!

Sunday and Monday were spent lounging and sleeping - with more pool time thrown in. I started my first class at my new University today, on a holiday (weird) but all I had to do was post a personal bio - so not hard at all.

I love holiday weekends!

But now it's almost time to head back to the grind... Here's some fun stuff to start off your 4 day work week!




  1. Glad that you had a great weekend and Im totally jealous of the hanging by the pool thing:)))

  2. What a fun weekend! I'm glad, girl. You needed it fo sure! :)


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