Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday - With Your Host: Scarlett :)

Today's Theme: Your Pet's Favorite Toy!
With Your Host: 
I'm going to let Miss Scarlett tell you about her fellow doggie companion's toys today... 

"O. Hai. Dis Scarletts. Plz excoose my spelling. I'm gonna show you some pichures today."

"Das Rhett and Savanna wiff dere stoopid squeaky toys. I hated dose toys. I ate dem yesterday." 

"Rhett stole Mommy's Christmas teddy bear when him was little. I didn't think it was berry nice of him - but I laughed... Cuz mom den chased him until him gib it back."

"Dat's Lili's bunny - LiLi is a baby.
Sometimes I bite her." 

"Dis mine big bear dat Rhett dropped in da hot tub. Now my bear broken. I lubbed my big bear...

Stoopid Rhett. 
I tink I may bite him later. 

I tole mom not to buy a house wiff a hole in da backyard. She neber listens... Hoomans!

"Das LiLi again - she ated mom's shoe. I gabe it to her! HAHA!

K. Bai!"



  1. Aww they're so cute! My cat likes to eat my herbs down to little stubs when I'm asleep. But mostly the cats just like to wrestle which wins me over with its kitty cuteness every time.

  2. The cuteness...it's so overwhelming...I think I may...


    You KNOW I love it when you post puppy pictures, and you KNOW you totally just made my day, buddy. The captions were ALMOST as adorable as the pictures. I love your dogs. LOVE THEM.

  3. hahahaha love the pup talk. Too funny it made me laugh out loud.

    Write it in Lipstick

  4. @Jordan my dogs always win me over with the cute factor too - it's pathetic how easy I am! :)

    @Katie dey lub you too! LOL Glad I made you smile :D As you can tell from her comments - Scarlett is a bit of a meany... LOL

    @Melissa sadly - I "talk" for my dogs in real life too.. figured I'd do it on the blog too. HA! Does anyone else do this - or is it just me?!?

  5. That is so cute! Love it!!! They are so cute!! xxx


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