Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Music For The Morning - Let's Link!

So as you know - I've been doing this little Music For The Morning thing here for quite some time. I love it - I love starting my morning out with a song. I'd also love to hear what music my bloggin' buddies are listening to as well!

So I'm going to put a handy dandy linky tool at the bottom of this post, link it up with the button and if ya'll want to do a post about the music you are starting your day out with I'd love for you to link up with me. You can post once, you can post daily, you can post randomly - whatever you want to do!




  1. Hi liked your blog I am a new follower from the uk
    please pop over and visit any time

  2. I must not have visited lately (sorry!) but I must tell you I am IN LOVE with yout layout, it's amazing! Two of the best things: zebra print and hot pink! You go girl! ;)


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