Monday, March 14, 2011

Project Do Me Update: I Missed A Week...

Alright - so I forgot a week of my Project Do me update. So this week I'll do a recap of what I've done so far and show you the progress I've made - then set my goals for next week!


Week 1:

1. Read at least one chapter in my book - this goal was eliminated due to the fact that sleep was more important than reading and I was not able to work in enough time for both
2. Pay better attention to my skin care regime - done!
(for me that means remembering to wash and moisturize my face both morning and night)
3. Remember to incorporate 3 tablespoons of coconut oil into my daily diet - I'm still working on it - but I've been doing quite well with it so far!

This week:
1. Post at least 5 blog entries - I think I did at least that many!
2. Complete financial aid and other paperwork for next semester - all set!
3. Don't get behind on the mundane daily paperwork at work - did I mention I'm not a paperwork person??? Ugh... 

This month:
1. Re-organize my closet and either put away or get rid of the clothes lying around my room in baskets - still in baskets.
(part of my 40 by 40
2. Find the perfect painting to go over the TV in the living room - still searching... 
3. Spend an entire weekend with my bestie - scheduled!

This year: 
1. Find a "place" for everything in my house - making some progress....
(I just bought and moved into my first house - it's still not entirely organized yet.)

Week 2:

1. Screw the book. Let's work on getting enough SLEEP! 8 hours a day -It still counts if I'm getting it in shifts, right?
2. Finish all paperwork for next semester - ready, set, LEARN! 
3. Keep working on incorporating Coconut Oil into my daily diet (did not accomplish that one last week) - I think I'll keep this one. I like the effects so far!

1. How bout that mundane paperwork? Didn't keep caught up last week - now I have to finish it all this week - no comment...
2. Vacuum Mondays and Fridaysdone! Going to keep doing it...
3. Continue to work on house organization - *grumbles....*

1. Bestie weekend set for 4/2 - that'll do
2. Re-organize closet - what month did I say I was going to do this in...? 
3. Donate clothes that have not been worn in the past 6 months - I'm a hoarder (mildly - not like the guy on tv that had a zillion rats in his house for pets or anything...) but let's just say I'm having difficulty letting them go...

This Year: 
1. Find a "home" for everything in the house - and get rid of some stuff... 

Week 3:
1. I forgot.....

This week:
Week 4:

1. It's "Start The Diet" week. Starting Wednesday (or I may wait until next Monday - for good measure...) I'll be starting a new diet. My daily goal is to stick to it. More on this to come...
2. Purge my kitchen of food that I can't eat. I'll have one cheat day per week on this diet - but I'll go out to eat on that day - or I'll go to the store to get the cheat food the night before. I don't want to keep tempting food in the house!
3. Keep working on incorporating Coconut Oil into my daily diet

This Week:
1. Mundane paperwork...
2. Develop salad dressing recipe using coconut oil
3. Continue to work on house organization 
4. Start saving for Hawaii!

1. Bestie weekend set for 4/2 
2. Re-organize closet, empty the baskets of clothing still hanging out in my bedroom
3. Donate clothes that have not been worn in the past 6 months year.
4. Set a date to go to M's house and reupholster my vanity stool

This Year: 
1. Find a "home" for everything in the house 
2. Down-size on the junk
3. I think I may need a new car...
4.. Go to Hawaii!


  1. Sounds like you are doing great, this is a good idea. Hey, what are the benefits of coconut oil? I have it and cook with it, but was just wondering why you want to get it in so I can too:) Thanks!!

  2. LOVE your blog!!!

    Thanks for following mine -- happily following back!


  3. Errr... make that I would love IF you followed back! Can you tell it's Monday and my brain is COMPLETELY fried!

  4. Ow Ow HAWAII!!!!!

    Did you look into the 4 Hour Body???

  5. @Ashley the benefits of coconut oil are many! I'll do a special blog post about it soon!

    @Cyn ugh... Mondays... LOL

    @KY Yep! I got the book and just started reading - so far the 4 Hour Body is the plan!


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