Saturday, March 12, 2011

Music For The Morning: Saturday Style...

I love Lady GaGa - I do, I promise... I love her intense style, her love for her fans and her music (of course).

But typically the first time I see any of her videos I'm a little creeped out. Maybe it's my Mormon upbringing still poking its little head out - but it takes me a time or two of watching her new videos before I can see the "art" in them. I'm too busy taking in all the oddities. Her newest video for "Born This Way" is no exception. In fact - it's probably the worst by far.

Have a look...

It makes me ask myself the question "I wonder if she used to be a man at some point..."

It's also time for the Weekend Wander at FTLOB! So stop by, link up & find some great new bloggy friends this weekend!


  1. LOL. Have you seen her photos dressed as a man? Curiouser and curiouser. HA!

  2. I have not... must google that... LOL

  3. I feel the same about her! And the more I see the videos and hear her new song, the more I love it!

  4. First time I heard that song... love it! Favorite video is still her Telephone one.

    She is just trying to shock people.

  5. I'm the same with her songs. Often I hear them and think I'm not too keen but by the power of radio I grow to love them!! She still makes me feel a little unsure however haha!!

    Found you via FTLOB :-)

  6. Happy Saturday and I am following Hope your weekend is great
    I would love to have you stop by my blog or Etsy store.


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