Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

 (Almost. but I'm getting a head start)

The Awkward:
  • I was so congested the other day that a snot bubble came out of my nose while I was talking to a client. ACK!
  • The aforementioned client later hit on me. Major WTF moment there. You find snot bubbles attractive? K... maybe I'll fart, burp, scratch my ass and stick q-tips up my nose next. 

The Awesome:
  • My income taxes have finally been completed and accepted by the IRS. Yusssssssssss. Now we play the waiting and obsessively checking my account for their direct deposit game.
  • I bought a large box of pink writing pens for work. Now I can hold my signature color in my hand all day long. Its my perfect accessory.


  1. Lovely blog! Glad I found it on FTLOB :) I will most certainly be back to learn a little more about you!

  2. Snot bubble? I totally relate. I hate friggin' allergies. If that was the culprit. If not, I hate whatever was.


  3. i would about dies if the snot bubble happened to me. haha. classic! cute blog!
    hosting a giveaway check it out :-)

  4. Super cute blog! visiting from awkward & awesome link up. I LOVE pink pens too!!! I think I am going to get some! xo

  5. Love this blog! Only, that's SUPER super weird about the client hitting on you. Awkward for sure.

  6. HAHAHA That is hilarious about the snot bubble. Love your honesty- I don't think that many people would admit so freely to that! Keep it up!



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