Friday, July 29, 2011

Joss & Main - You TEASE!

Did anyone else get this Joss & Main email this morning?

I click it and what do my wandering eyes behold?

Then you go to their website and that table isn't even in the collection they're selling.


And yes, I signed up for the Joss & Main emails. I totally feel for it. They enticed me with their super secret members only, by invitation crap. Brilliant marketing strategy! 

But if those are deals... then my name's Debbie. 

And it ain't. 

Joss & Main -  I think we  should see other people... This just isn't working out for me.



  1. OHMYGOSH that is the coolest thing. yeah, I only open the Joss + Main things half the time. it's like the really great products on beyond the rack (or one of those deal sites) where EVERYTHING is "on hold" and check back in 20 minutes. whatever. Pffff.

    I want that table!! :)

  2. Me too!!! I was so disappointed when it wasn't there... Not like I could afford it at the moment but still... it's the principal of it! ;)

  3. I didn't get it, but I would run them over for that table !! LOL

    Have a great weekend Heather.

  4. Yes, that sort of retail enticement is awful! They should show what they are selling.


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