Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Happiness Project

I am linking up with the lovely Lindsay at Scenic Glory for a lovely little thing she's calling The Happiness Project!


Here's what you do: each week we'll be focusing on our own personal goal that we'd like to accomplish for that week. I'm a week late starting - but here's my week one goal:



    1. I follow Scenic Glory and had thought of this but, did not get around to writing anything to link to her.

      What are my happiness goals?
      Enjoy EACH and EVERY day for it is a gift. To be thankful for the smallest of things. (Plus going on a mini get away with the hubs on Monday)
      My two grown daughters arrived home from Africa today...happiness is seeing their smiling faces!

    2. I just stole your seuss quote for my pinterest. Love it.


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