Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Have Found a New Blog Hop!

I stumbled across this just a few minutes ago and HAD to participate. 

This is a picture of my Rhett-Rhett the day I brought him home back in December 2005. 

My Daddy came over to visit the night Rhett came home and was instantly in love with this little wrinkly, whiny, bratty thing I'd brought to live with me - as was I! 

He's my little Stinky Pete Baby Love :)

(P.S. yes - I made it home safe from California & no small children were harmed during the car ride home... ;)



  1. *squeal* Cutest dog EVER. Hands down. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you post pictures of your dogs :)

  2. YAY! I lub him! He's the bestest! :)

  3. Oh my, he is beyond adorable! One of the cutest dogs ever! Btw, I live in AZ too!

  4. You have a SUPER CUTE dog!!!! wowzers! Love it!!! Thank you so much for coming by and linking up!!! :) -CMae

  5. MUST.GET.THAT.DOG.RIGHT.NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's so freaking cute Heather!!!!!

  6. Such a cute dog!!! Love your pups!!!


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