Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tasty Tuesday Blogisode 3: Cooking With Coconuts!

I know you've all been waiting with baited breath for my Tasty Tuesday post.... no? 

Well you don't have to wait anymore! ;)

I've been craving sweets a lot lately... wait... lately? 

No - all the time really... So I decided that I would make a (somewhat) nutritious sweet treat for my entry today. Are you as excited for this as I was????

I found this recipe and thought... I can make something like that - but I'll put my own spin on it! 


Do ya'll ever do that? And then experience epic fails? Maybe that's just me.... 

So out to Sprouts I go to get my super healthy organic ingredients for my "healthy candy". 

Aaaaand I made them. 

Aaaaand it was pretty much a big fat FAIL. 

So - here's what they were supposed to look like. Mine did not turn out nearly this well. 

Perhaps I'll try this recipe again another time...


  1. Newest follower from the blog hop ^^
    Be sure to check out my blog and please follow back :)

  2. Came over here from the tasty tuesday link up. Love your blog! Kudos to you for trying healthy baking, I can't do that. I can healthy up anything else but I need my sweets to taste like a big jar of sugar and chocolate.

  3. Those look yum!!! Im in love with Coconut. I really like your blog!! New follower =]


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