40 by 40

Things have changed, goals have been rearranged...

Time to update my 40 by 40

The List:

1. Stop smoking (even e-cigs) (again) - this time for good
(I imagine I'll get around to it eventually...)

2. Get Lasik eye surgery
Or not. I think glasses are kinda sexy. In a naughty school teacher type of way. In fact, it gives me even more ways to accessorize. I like accessorizing... New goal: get prescription sunglasses.

3. Determine an appropriate healthy eating regime and stick to it (more on this later...)
Keep working toward the Vegan thing. Overcome cravings for a little coffee to go with my creamer and my intense love for macaroni and cheese.

4. Become a mother
Yah still want to do that one, definitely before I'm 40 - but let's add on: start a family. Single parenthood is rather unappealing to me. Finding my illustrious soul mate - becoming more and more appealing.

5. Earn my Bachelor's Degree
Less than a year to go! 

6. Invest in a good camera
Meh... does my iPhone count?

7. Exercise daily (heh... not totally committed to that one yet)
Still not totally committed to that one yet. 

8. Visit at least one foreign country.
K. Who wants to finance that? I'm open to options... ;)

9. Rip out the gross carpet in my house and put down bamboo floors.
Yah still gotta do that

10. Get new bedroom furniture
Get new living room furniture. If it ain't one thing, it's another...

11. Keep a journal
I loosely started doing this...

12. Visit every city and arena in the NHL, take many pictures & blog about it (may extend to the 50 before 50 list)
I've done 3 in 6 years... have only blogged about one. Not really on the top of my list of priorities. 

13. Paint my home office
And my bedroom...

14. Take at least one belly dancing class
And yoga.

15. Decide what I want to be when I grow up - but remember this: " A career is wonderful, but you can't curl up with it on a cold night." - Marilyn Monroe
I've decided against growing up. Grown ups have no fun at all.

16. Spend more time outdoors.
Maybe when I move away from Phoenix. This pollution here is killing my allergies...

17. Read my "bucket list" of books
Wait... do I have a bucket list of books? 

18. Find/Organize all my old photos
I have a box with some of them gathered... Not sure what to do with them after I have them all.

19. Learn to use the grill - DONE! I didn't specify that I had to be good at it...
hmmmm... k RE-learn how to use the grill.

20. Find a way to actually start enjoying cooking
no comment...

21. Stop leaving my clean laundry in baskets around the house (this will include remodeling my closet and getting new bedroom furniture so that I have room for said clothes)
I have the new bedroom furniture... but the drawers are empty! HA! I really need to do something with that room... I am not happy with it at all - and that's supposed to be my personal sanctuary. I need to make it into that.

22. Remember my god-children's birthdays
CRAP. I forgot...

23. Improve my organization skills
*Note - aforementioned soul mate should possess good organizational skillz.

24. Go to Karaoke more often
Where? Let's change this one to this: LIVE each moment like it's your last!

25. Go to Hawaii

26. See Jimmy Buffet live in concert

27. Get over my fear of Algebra
It simply can NOT be done.

28. Conquer my fear of committment
I've committed to a new car and a new car payment for the next 5 years. I think that counts as mission accomplished.

29. Learn how to make a really, REALLY good cup of coffee
*or add that to the soul mate check list.

30. Re-do my kitchen
It needs to be whiter. I like white, bright, clean kitchens.

31. Buy my Coyotes red washer and dryer

32. Get rid of my junk
That's easier said than done with the Senior Citizen around...

33. Get back into horseback riding

34. Develop the perfect coconut oil lotion recipe
Actually - I'm thinking just straight coconut oil is the best coconut oil lotion...

35. Write a children's book
about Shar-pei puppies!

36. Go back home for an extended visit
Some day...

37. Start a savings account for my "Spend a year on the road with the Coyotes" plan
this goal is somewhat laughable at this point...

38. Discover the best dry scalp remedy.
Regularly bleaching my hair platinum seems to be doing the trick.

39. Start working on my Master's degree
K... in what?

40. Develop my 50 by 50 list
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