Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Not only is today Thanksgiving - it is also the 49th anniversary of the death of a great American president. A president who envisioned a peaceful nation we've yet to realize today. So in remembrance of that president on the anniversary of his death, a quote I think is quote befitting of John Fitzgerald Kennedy:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beauty is an attitude.

"Be your own kind of beautiful." ~ Marilyn Monroe

We all like to smell beautiful, feel beautiful & BE beautiful. The perfect scents coupled with the best skin care products can make a girl feel & look like a million bucks. 

My idol - the immortal Marilyn Monroe - taught us that we should all be our own unique kind of beautiful. She is my greatest inspiration in life. Her many complexities, talents & troubles may never be fully understood - but from her life & legacy I learned many important lessons. Not the least of which is that beauty may seem to be skin deep in this superficial world we live in - but when your beauty shines from the inside, it can't be ignored. 

I'd like to introduce you to my new Etsy shop:

To celebrate my Grand Opening, I'm offering free shipping on any order shipped within the Continental United States for a limited time. 

Even the natural beauty of Marilyn Monroe required the right skin care. My products are designed to take the guess work out of beautiful skin. While you're out there conquering the world ladies, you needn't worry about your skin. I've got you covered. You concentrate on your own unique legacy & let my products assist you by taking the guesswork out of perfect skincare. My goal is to help you to feel & look your own unique kind of beautiful. 

This shop is the product of my 8 year quest to formulate the perfect line of natural bath & body products. I don't believe in using pre-made bases for my products. What you purchase here is made by me, from scratch, in my kitchen. As such, you will never find any nasty, dangerous chemicals in my products. I prefer quality over quantity. 

These gentle yet effective products are formulated with only the finest, purest ingredients. My scent oils are researched extensively and the companies I choose to do business with are chosen for their safety & commitment to quality, natural ingredients. 

I use organic ingredients when possible & only purchase organic butters and base oils. I do not test my products on animals. You are getting only the highest quality ingredients when you purchase my products. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Why would you put water in your body butter?

Introducing the first release in my Natural Bath & Body Line, a rich, creamy decadent body butter called Carnival by Be.
Carnival by Be Skin Butter is a sweet scent reminiscent of county fairs in the fall. It is a divine mix of Cotton Candy, Jasmine & Musk. Prepare for compliments! Not only on the extreme softness of your skin - but you'll also smell so good you may develop an entourage of sniffers!

(A fragrance free version is available for you super-sensitive folks. See my store for more information.)

A freshly prepared batch of Carnival by Be Skin Butter

To get the optimal benefits of this concoction of fabulous butters, I recommend applying it to your full body - concentrating on the rough bits (elbows, heels, cracked skin, etc) immediately after you get out of the bath or shower. The butter will easily melt into your damp, warm skin. It is perfect for dry climates & winter weather and it's a miracle for dry cracked feet, elbows & hands. It will last all day & will also last through several hand washes.

**In warmer climates this delicate butter may melt in transit. You can return your butter to a solid form by putting it in the refrigerator until it re-hardens. It will also re-harden after a few hours at room temperature.**


Here are some of the highlights of my base ingredients:

Organic Unrefined Shea Butter:
When it comes to skin loving & softening ingredients, Shea butter is way ahead of the pack. This 100% natural Shea butter is extracted from wild kernels of Shea tree fruits. It remains in its unrefined state in my butter as the refining process strips it of its beneficial skin-loving nutrients. It helps to protect, soften and regenerate dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin. It is *safe & beneficial for all skin types.

*you should not use Shea butter if you have a known allergy to tree nuts.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:
I have been a coconut oil lover for years. I keep a jar in my bathroom & use it for a number of cosmetic reasons: as a gentle make-up remover (it even gets off waterproof mascara!), as a face lotion & to smooth & condition fly-away hair. It is said to delay wrinkles & sagging skin - helping us to age gracefully. I also use it as an eye cream & have noticed that the elasticity of my skin has improved dramatically with continued use. Coconut oil also helps in treating various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin conditions. As a body lotion however, I felt it needed a boost. Shea butter was just what it needed.

Sweet Almond Oil:
High in Vitamin E, sweet almond oil is a skin necessity. It hydrates and moisturizes, has been used as a treatment for itchy and dry skin, and may help skin conditions like eczema.

**This lotion contains no preservatives - they are unnecessary as I use no water or other fillers. It has a shelf life of approximately one year. I make your butter when you order it so you will receive only the freshest products. Slight variations in color & texture may occur due this. Some formulations may contain organic, aluminum free corn starch or arrowroot powder to remove some of the greasiness.*** 

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